Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to place the pratimani at the home screen?
You can place the pratimani at the home screen as a widget in several ways: . 1. After the opening of the app – follow the system instructions; . 2. Press and hold anywhere in the empty space area of your home screen. Click on the widget button, keep scrolling until you find the Pratima widget, then select it and put it anywhere you like. Now you can go to your Kalasha and choose which of your pratimani to put of the home screen for today.
2. How to change the pratimani on your home screen?
To change the pratimani which you have on your home screen at that moment just go to Kalasha, choose which pratimani you want to have on the home screen today and press “Place the Widget” button. Don’t forget to look through the choice of pratimani in the store and get your favorite.
3. What is battery optimization?
Battery optimization is a helpful feature that enhances the overall battery life and efficiency of your mobile device. It ensures that apps running in the background don't use excessive resources, preventing unnecessary battery drain. When your phone is in idle or standby mode, various background processes and apps might still be active, handling tasks like syncing data, receiving notifications, or updating content. Battery optimization smartly manages these processes, reducing their impact on your device's battery life. . In the Pratima app, we fully support Android's battery optimization policy. We designed Pratima to consume a minimal amount of your phone's energy. To ensure your pratimani widget functions seamlessly, drawing your attention from daily routines to what matters most, we request permission for the app to work in the background. You can grant this permission by going to Kalasha. Simply press the "Battery optimization" button and follow the system instructions to allow Pratima to work continuously or in the background.